What Are Skin Whitening Injections And Products Available For It

What Are Skin Whitening Injections And Products Available For It

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What Is Skin Whitening Injections, And How Does It Work?

A good skin regimen is challenging to maintain in today’s hectic lifestyle. However, a bright, fair, and beautiful complexion would never come away from fashion. There seem to be a plethora of skin-brightening therapies on the market. All you have to do now is pick the ideal solution with the help of a dermatologist & wait for the fairness magic to happen.

Glutathione, the skin lightening substance, is used in Skin Whitening Injections. Glutathione tablets are also available on the marketplace. Such component interacts with melanin & converts it to pheomelanin, the pigmentation seen in fair individuals.  

It also inhibits the formation of tyrosinase, the protein implicated in the appearance of pigmentation in the system. In a nutshell, GSH injections safeguard the epidermis from Ultraviolet rays while also lowering the quantity of melanin inside the body.

Benefits Of Skin Whitening Injections

If used correctly, Skin Whitening Injections could do wonders for overall Skin. 

  • It must defeat the Free radicals.
  • Defy the effects of ageing.
  • It avoids Ultraviolet light.
  • Detoxification is a process through which cleaning the body of toxins.
  • It should reduce the Melanin pigments.
  • It converts Dark melanin pigmentation to lighter colours.
  • Encourage Skin that is fairer & brighter.


Because any Skin Whitening Injections might result in redness, doctors advise cooling the affected area after having a glutathione dose. However, once removing the syringe, you should be able to resume your normal activities without any healing time or medicine. When you do get a minor headache or discomfort, in-the-counter trauma relievers should assist but take them under the supervision of a physician.

There are some products available online. Let’s discuss this in detail.

1. Water Oxygen Injection Spray Skin Care Gun

Water Oxygen Injection Spray Skin Care Gun


  • Weight- 3.12 pounds
  • Skin type- dry
  • Manufacturer- Sonew
  • Battery- Built-in lithium battery
  • Colour- white
  • Material- Plastic, Nickel coated

Since its inception in early 2018, So new has grown at a quick pace. It built these on giving clients a better & more comfortable life, focusing on cosmetics & intelligent security solutions. With the rise in living standards of the people, SoNew is progressively gaining support from all quarters.

SoNew is concerned with the well-being of its customers. Create a more significant marketing effect by diversifying your complete service positioning & segmenting your target audiences.

In its administration, SoNew remembers the person-oriented & simple service idea, wins confidence, enthusiasm, and promotes its business with honesty.

Expert Water Oxidation Injection Spraying Gun: That uses subcutaneous injection techniques to deliver nourishment to the complexion soft tissue for skin maintenance & restoration. It is comfortable & has no adverse responses or adverse effects.

Moisturizing: Each gram of injectable acid was comparable to one litre of water, and the weapon could infuse hyaluronic acid thoroughly into your epidermis, providing excellent hydration and perhaps a lengthy moisture shine.

Whitening: Using a water cannon, you can speed up the Skin’s biochemistry, eliminate melanin from the body more quickly, repair dark skin problems, & make it lighter as well as brighter.

Shrink Pores & Remove Blemishes: The mesodermal therapy used by the water lighting gun stimulates skin regeneration, reduces pores, & making the Skin better compact & beautiful. It thickens the Skin, reduces facial age spots & crow’s shoes, it gets filled with drooping Skin.


MODE: There have been two types of storage codes: M1 for freshwater mode, which shrinks pores & locks in moisture, while M2 with the hyaluronic acid method, which removes makeup residue, whitens, & firm flesh. Compact size is ideal for travelling and at home.

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  • Clears blemishes
  • Lighten Skin
  • Reduce age spots
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  • You can use it for dry Skin.

2. Oxygen Skin Care Water Jet Injection Gun

Oxygen Skin Care Water Jet Injection Gun


  • Manufacturer- Filfeel
  • Colour- White. In contrast,
  • Nozzle diameter-0.3 to 0.5 mm
  • Weight- 3070-3075 g

Spraying Instructions:

Load the cup with fluid following thinning it accordingly, holding the brush in the palm gently. A flow of air rises when pressing the primary lever. Then slowly draw it backward for colour atomization. 

The spacing between such a worktop as well as a brush determines the spray distribution. Loosen the syringe over covering & position the airbrushes near the working area for precise line spraying.

Oxygen Infusion Machine: The oxygenation injection device compressing a percentage of 21% oxy into such a pure oxygen accelerator, including over 95%, and sprays it uniformly at 0.2 Pa force to remove wrinkles, lighten, & tenderize your complexion effectively & securely without discomfort, trace, and sores.

Cutis Therapy: Injecting the Hyaluronic acid about 100,000 – 10,000,000 Da, while Hyaluronic acid possesses good Skin & cell permeability, forming a nutritional network amongst cells that may replace nutrients again for the entire epidermis. Tighten & tenderize your Skin by improving slack & sagging facial Skin.

Multi-features: Cleaning Pores: Lighten the pores to remove metabolites & maintain them fresh. 

Anti-Aging And also Wrinkles: Collagen deficiency causes the Skin to loosen

 Hydrating: Moisture to corneum tissues is required to enhance microcirculation of cells & make the Skin wet.

Airbrush Operates: The airbrush can pump oxygen & nutrients into the Skin profoundly. Excellent for restoring flexibility to deep Skin, decreasing pores, controlling hormone levels, regenerating & enhancing Skin, reducing wrinkles, and much more. Increasing the Skin’s ability to absorb oxygen & nutrients


This product seems to be suitable for the lightning skin process. 

Oxygen Skin Care Water Jet Injection Gun
  • OXYGEN INJECTION MACHINE: This oxygen injection machine compresses the concentration of 21% oxygen into the purity of over 95% oxygen activator, then release it under the pressure of 0.2 Pa and spray it evenly to smooth wrinkles and whiten and tender your skin effectively and safely without pain, trace or wounds
  • CUTIS TREATMENT: It can receive Hyaluronic acid with 100,000 to 10,000,000 Dalton, and Hyaluronic has excellent skin and cell penetrability to form a nutrient network among cells, which can replenish nutrients for the whole facial skin. Improve loose and sagging skin tissues, tightening and tendering your skin
  • MULTI-FEATURES: Clearing Pores: Soften semi-solidified sebum of pores to clear the metabolite and keep the pores clean. Anti-Aging&Wrinkles: Loss of collagen makes the skin become loose. Moisturizing: Moisturize moisture for corneum cells need directly to improve micro circulation of skin cells and make skin becomes moist
  • AIRBRUSH FUNCTIONS: The airbrush can inject oxygen and nutrient into your skin deeply. Ideal for replenishing moisture for deep skin, regaining elasticity, shrinking pores, regulating the hormone secretion, rejuvenating and improving skin, smoothing wrinkles, etc. Helping skin absorb oxygen and nutrients more easier
  • ADVANTAGES: It can inject the nutrients to the cutis layer of skin. Nano scale nutrients can be absorbed by the skin cell well to solve skin problems from the root. Active moisturizing factor can rejuvenate skin. Purity of over 95% oxygen activator can smooth wrinkles and whiten or tender your skin effectively
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  • It can infuse nutrients into the cutis surface of the epidermis.
  • Nanoscale nutrients are well incorporated by skin cells, allowing them to address skin issues at their source.
  • It can rejuvenate Skin by using an active moisturizing agent.
  • Over 95% oxygenation activator quality may effectively smoothen wrinkles, lighten, & tenderize your Skin.
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  • Nothing in particular.

3. Hyaluron Wrinkle Removal Pen Kit Injection

Hyaluron Wrinkle Removal Pen Kit Injection


  • Item type- Injection pen set
  • Material- metal
  • Colour- Blue
  • Weight- 68g

1. This innovative micro injectable pen seems to have no syringe and therefore is non-invasive; it uses pressure innovation to explode into nanotechnology organic compounds that penetrate deep, resulting in a considerable cosmetic impact in a quick manner.

2. No-pain Needle Because it causes no regional nerve damage by free infusion, it could achieve a painless result.

3. You could use a syringe to infuse minimal quantities of hyaluronic acid Vit C and additional skin boosters into the deeper dermis to improve the appearance of your face.

4. After several injections, you would notice a significant improvement in your skin condition, including rejuvenation, brightness, hydration, and youthfulness.

5. Appropriate for use in an expert beauty salon as well as at home.

Fantastic Effect: We could inject highly minimal quantities of glycolic acid Vit C and perhaps other skin boosters further into the underlying dermis to improve the appearance of your complexion.

Painless: This revolutionary micro injectable pen has a little syringe and seems to be non-invasive. Because the Painless Prick Free injection does not induce peripheral nerve damage, this could achieve a painless result. However, you might notice a difference in the condition of your epidermis after several injections.

Take the device out of the case and place that on the tabletop. Then, in the pressurizer, place the injection tip.

Unplug the syringe & switch heads from the sterilized bag. Stiffen the strengthening to the side after connecting the switch part towards the needle. Place the switching heads in the container & pull out another necessary dosage using the pump. With both, the infusion pen, modify the appropriate gauge mark. Throughout the injectable pen, twist the plunger clockwise.

Unless the needle has a bubble, softly touch everything with the thumb to help it float to the surface. 


If you’ve any concerns during the acquisition or operation of the product, please contact the company as soon as possible; they have such a skilled customer service team that will respond to your inquiries in 24 hours.

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  • Each epidermis location receives 0.05 to 0.08 ml liquid action, with various places receiving varied dosages. The dot spacing is also 1 cm.
  • It can’t be further away to utilize, & doing it slowly as well as carefully.
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  • It is painful

4. Hyaluronic Acid Pen For Lips 

Hyaluronic Acid Pen For Lips


  • Suitable for – Men and Women
  • Depth of injection- 6-8 mm
  • Resolution- 0.01 ml
  • Manufacturer- Yuyte

The needle-free construction of the hyaluronic acid pump prevents contact with underlying nerve tissue, considerably lowering patient suffering. In addition, because the pen doesn’t cause severe injury or inflammation and the Skin isn’t traumatized after usage, it minimizes the infection risk. 6-8 mm in depth 0.01 ml sensitivity (1lU). 0.05 to 0.3 mL for a standard dose (5-301u).

The compression machine works by generating high pressure, which causes fluid to be released from tiny pores within the top part at the front tip, forming an excellent fluid column. It may spray beauty products items in the lower area of the epidermis as a sprayer, which would be more favourable to human tissue assimilation and has quicker effects.

Fast, easy, & secure: easy for using, free from errors dosage, convenient to carry, and the operator, could use this on oneself or somebody else.

Furthermore, they do not harm the Skin. And are unidirectional, which eliminates the risk for cross-contamination.

It tends to leave no bruises or sting traces on your face. It is because you are removing the possibility of beauty products entering the muscles.

Efficacy: aids in the reduction of flaws, wrinkles, & markings.

Remove pigmentation from the system, brighten & whiten dark or yellowish Skin, and enhance dark and yellow epidermis.

It increases collagen production in the epidermis, resulting in new, attractive Skin and then revitalizes it.


To assure the precision of subsequent procedures, put the outer portion of the device at the highest scaling factor for the initial use. Multiple infusion: you could use the equipment constantly to provide pressure during each injection of 0.3 ml bottles after clicking each key. Once filled, the ampoule should be retrieved, withdraw the fluid again, or squeeze the drug rod so that it may load it beneath stress, following which the medicine had to be applied.

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  • Good product for lightening Skin
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  • The product description does not match.

5. Rechargeable Wireless Electric Facial Injection

Rechargeable Wireless Electric Facial Injection


  • Material- ABS
  • Speed Gear- 5 
  • Needle Length- Adjustable
  • Colour- Rose Gold
  • Weight- 320 g

How To Use It:

1.Connect the power

2.Install the syringe correctly & tighten it by spinning it.

3.Clean the necessary body parts before applying a skincare cream or perhaps any anti-ageing solution.

4.Start the machine & change the needle size or pace as needed. On 1st gearing, hold down the power key for just an extended period, then push each time in succession to raise the equipment.

5.Repeatedly use the syringe to replicate bodily parts for epidermal absorption.

6.To turn off & unhook the power, push the switching button for a long time, then remove the needle.

ZJchao specializes in health & beauty products with tattoos, beauty, exercise, or other items. Create a stronger value-based by diversifying your high-quality service offering, segmenting your target customer group, & expanding your business expansion space.

In its administration, ZJchao remembers its people-oriented & honesty-oriented company idea, earns confidence with zeal, & builds its identity with integrity.

Principle Of Makeup Skincare Products: it generates new cells to substitute aged or harmed Skin and leads to better absorbance of tissue service opportunities to promote activation of collagen and elastin growth.

Adopted Nanotechnology: That is faster, more efficient, as well as has no side effects. It enhances skin complexion and therefore can encounter a variety of beauty needs. For example, you could use it in conjunction with a skincare products moisturizer or anti-ageing granules to advertise skin absorption besides wrinkle reduction, fine line reduction, & skin rejuvenation.

Detachable Layout: The detachable attachment was simple to install & replace, and also the base is compact and transportable for easy and enjoyable use.

The power cord controls simple Functioning 5 pace levels or may modify the bullet head size by turning the rotary handle anti-clockwise. It also supports cable & cordless procedures, making it convenient to use whenever, anywhere.


The ZJchao Rechargeable Wireless Cosmetic Pen is RoHS & CE certified. When combined with multiple heads, it can do various tasks such as cosmetic surgery, acne/stretch scars removal, complexion brightening, etc.

Rechargeable Wireless Electric Facial Injection
  • BEAUTY SKIN CARE PRINCILE: vertically touch the skin to opens temporary channels in most superficial layer of skin to promote the body's natural healing process that produces new skin cells to replace aged or damaged skin,allow for greater absorption of skin care products to enhance stimulation of collagen and elastin growth
  • ADOPTED NANO MTS VC IMPORT TECHNOLOGY: which is faster, high-efficient and no side effect,improve skin tone,can meet your various beauty requirement,matching with the skin care lotion or anti-aging powder to use can promote skin absorption for reducing the wrinkles, fine lines and skin rejuvenation
  • DETACHABLE DESIGN: easy to install and change the disposable accessory,streamlined body and portable size for easier and comfortable use
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: 5 speed levels control through the power switch,needle head length can be adjusted by the rotary knob with the direction of clockwise or counter clockwise,support cord use, which is handy to carry for anytime anywhere use
  • SAFETY ASSURANCE: ZJchao Electric Beauty pen have RoHS and CE certificate,cooperated with different head provide various effects like tattoo, acne/stretch marks/wrinkles removal, skin whitening/hydrating/rejuvenation etc
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  • It can remove Wrinkles.
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite & stretch marks
  • IT can avoid Hair loss if you follow a few simple steps.
  • IT should dilute Various Spots/Freckles.
  • Whitening Your Skin
  • Moisturizing, epidermis tightening & pore reduction are all benefits of this treatment.
  • Increase Dermal Thickness & Repair Sensitive Skin
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  • It is costly.

Final Thoughts:

It’s a smart option to get a blood test before getting white injections to make sure your organs are in good shape. If you have an allergy to vitamin C or other supporting components or have Mellitus, avoid whitening injections & choose an alternative skin-lightening procedure. We are not recommending Long-term moderate dosages of Vit C for diabetes patients. You can purchase those products online. 

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